Gas Mixing Applications

Industrial Process Control

An industrial gas mixing setup with stainless steel valves, piping and components

The Fusion Flow Technologies IMX platform can be designed and configured for both continuous and intermittent gas mixing operations for larger scale processes. As opposed to purchasing large quantities of pre-mixed gas cylinders, the IMX allows for mixing bulk gas on-site.

The IMX process gas mixer is ideal for welding, metallurgical furnace sheath gas, glass fiber manufacturing, or surface coating applications. With the IMX, the gas recipes can be changed on the fly to accommodate different process requirements, or be programmed to react to external inputs.

Often, a large storage tank or facility piping volume receives the mixed gas, whereby the IMX fills at fixed flow rate to maintain a minimum and maximum line pressures, all while properly mixing the various gases. This operational mode is not unlike a home air compressor.

Alternatively, the IMX can be set to an active pressure control mode, which automatically maintains a specific line pressure via self-adjusting flow output. This mode is ideal when the gas demand varies throughout the work day and each ‘station’ requires the same input line pressure.

Specialized Solutions

Products designed to meet the challenges of Industrial Process Control

IMX Gas Mixer

IMX Gas Mixers

Built for Industrial Use

Features a keyed power switch and EMO stop button

Up to 4 Gas Channels

49 gases included with ability to create custom blends

Low or High Flow

Up to 3200 SLPM flow and 145 PSIG pressure

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