Gas Mixing Applications

Fuel Cell Testing

An engineer monitoring a gas mixing setup inside a fuel cell test chamber

Typically, fuel cell testing will require a very specific gas mixture to be delivered at a precise flow rate for some tests, and a precise pressure for other tests. The MXM platform can be configured to not only create the needed test gas blends, but also deliver the blends to the cells at either a required flow rate or a required pressure.

The automation integration capabilities of the MXM gas mixing software could also facilitate automatic change-over from mode to mode, as user presets not only record the gas mix ratios, but the delivery method, flow rates, pressures, alarm bounds, and other parameters related to the recipe.

Specialized Solutions

Products designed to meet the challenges of Fuel Cell Testing

MXM Gas Mixer

MXM Gas Mixers

Industry-Leading Accuracy

±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of FS up to 20 SLPM

Up to 10 Gas Channels

With support for corrosive and refrigerant gases*

High Dynamic Range

Flow rates from 200 SCCM to 50,000 SLPM

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