Gas Mixing Applications

Glove Box Atmospheres

A technician handling a sample inside a glove box atmosphere

Laboratory glove boxes are essentially ‘environmental playgrounds’, where scientists can manipulate a custom gaseous atmospheres without the concerns of contaminating a sample, or releasing toxic fumes.

Using the Fusion Flow MXM gas mixer, a glove box can be pressurized with a specialized gas mixture to shield a reaction, create a reaction, or even to replicate a specific atmosphere (the surface of Mars for example).

The MXM can be configured to fill a test chamber with a particular total volume (or total pressure) of the mixed gas.

If a bleed vent is installed on the glove box, the contained volume can be continually purged with a specific gas mixture, or even an actively changing blend. If desired, the enclosure can be kept at a user-specified pressure as well.

Specialized Solutions

Products designed to meet the challenges of Glove Box Atmospheres

MXM Gas Mixer

MXM Gas Mixers

Industry-Leading Accuracy

±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of FS up to 20 SLPM

Up to 10 Gas Channels

With support for corrosive and refrigerant gases*

High Dynamic Range

Flow rates from 200 SCCM to 50,000 SLPM

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