Precision Gas Mixers

Gas mixers built for hundreds of common applications, from single recipe industrial high-flow operations to complex gas blending research and development. Effortlessly create blends of up to 10 gases at flow rates from 200 SCCM to 50,000 SLPM.

An MXM Gas mixer


What you get with MXM

Every MXM is hand-built in the USA and includes a brilliant 10.1" QLED touchscreen control interface packed with features to simplify your mixing operations

Lightning speed

Industry-leading control response time as low as 25ms* ensures accuracy and minimizes waste

Maximum efficiency

Custom-tuned MFCs prevent wasted gas at fluctuating pressures and flow rates

Extreme durability

Designed for 24-hour continuous operation in the most demanding industrial environments

NIST-traceable accuracy

As accurate as ±0.6% of the targeted mix percentage*

Unlimited flexibility

Mix up to 10 gases from the onboard library of 49 gases, with support for corrosives and refrigerants

Industry 4.0 ready

Monitor and control your gas mixer from anywhere and integrate with your existing cloud services

* In ideal conditions - Dependent on flow rate, back-pressure and gas species

Max Channels


Max Flow (SLPM)


Max Pressure (PSIG)


Pre-Loaded Gases

Automation and scripting

MXM is the industry’s first IoT-ready gas mixer with advanced connectivity features allowing you to monitor, automate, and control the system from any device with a web browser.

Built-in scripting

Use the built-in scripting system to simplify repetitive tasks and execute automatically based on conditions you define


The REST API further extends automation and integration of your gas mixer with your language and software of choice


Control and monitor your gas mixer from microcontrollers, PLCs, or any RS-232 device that supports an ASCII interface

Digital+analog I/O

Communicate with any device using an analog signal and control relay circuits

Data logging

Save logs directly to the cloud, to an external storage device, or to the onboard flash memory - you have complete control over your gas mixer's data


Push gas mixing status and measurements anywhere with the industry-standard lightweight MQTT protocol

Local CSV

Keep years* of detailed records of your mixing activity in the onboard 12GB of storage, or save to an external storage device

Network/Cloud Databases

Store logs in SQL and NoSQL databases on your local premises or in the cloud

SQL Server
Oracle DB

Built with the best

Constant, accurate gas mixtures are delivered exclusively by MFCs from Alicat Scientific, renowned for their reliability, versatility and control response time

Custom-tuned Alicat MFCs

Gas control MFCs are match-tuned to provide mix accuracy during start up events, outlet pressure control capabilities, and rapid response to changing process conditions

Industry-leading response time

Control response time as low as 25 ms (dependent on flow rate, back-pressure and gas species)

Unrivaled versatility

Comes pre-loaded with 49 gas species and can be configured to support corrosive, refrigerant, and pre-mixed gases

Control from anywhere

The complete control interface of MXM can be accessed remotely from any desktop or mobile device with a web browser. Remote sessions are enabled for your local network by default, and can be configured to work over the internet for complete control from anywhere in the world.

An image

One size (never) fits all

MXM is available in three form factors to fit seamlessly into your existing process with minimal integration effort. All models feature a high-definition 10.1" capacitive touchscreen control interface and are built in a rugged, heavy-gauge steel frame.

  • 1


    Up to 6 low-to-medium flow MFCs are pre-installed inside the chassis with high quality stainless steel tubing and manifolds, for an all-in-one gas mixing lab in a box.

  • 2


    Up to 10 MFCs with any flow rate are plumbed externally and managed by you, for ease of integration with your existing process requirements.

  • 3


    A 4U rack-mountable version of the standalone chassis optimized for environments with rack-mounted instrument panels


Frequently Asked Questions

Is MXM a software-based gas mixer?

MXM is a hardware-based gas mixing system at its core, but is controlled by a touchscreen software interface. Its quad-core processor manages all of the advanced software features and user interface, but is technically separated from the dedicated, high-speed MixModule control unit which manages all of the instrumentation/flow-control hardware. This two-pronged design allows for real-time capabilities that would not otherwise be possible with a software-only solution.

Can MXM be upgraded or reconfigured after purchasing?

Yes - The MXM standard chassis can handle up to 6 independent gas channels, so if the system is originally ordered with only two channels, up to four more can be added at a later date by returning the system to the Fusion Flow factory for retrofitting. Standalone models support up to 10 gas channels that can be added or removed by the user without returning the system.

Can MXM also add humidity to the mixed gas stream?

Not at this time. However, our sister company Perma Pure may be able to assist in providing a solution to humidify the dry blended gas stream created by the Fusion Flow MXM instrument.

Does MXM allow for mixing fuel gases with oxidizing gases?

Technically, it is absolutely possible to make perfect, stoichiometric mixtures with the MXM. However, Fusion Flow Technologies does not condone the use of any of its product offerings for the purpose of creating explosive or flammable gas blends. Please contact us to discuss the details and available alternatives if these mixtures are required in your process.

Can the same gas type be connected to more than one MFC control channel?

Yes! If higher flow rates are required of the same gas within the mixture, the same gas source can be connected to as many available channels as needed to increase capacity of that gas. Further, these channels can be sized differently, allowing for a ‘high dynamic range’ of flow for that gas.

For example, Argon is assigned to a 5 SLPM unit as well as a 50 SLPM unit, allowing for a total possible Argon flow of 55 SLPM. Depending on the instantaneous requirement for Argon in the mixture, MXM will choose to utilize either (or both) controllers to meet the demand, with the best accuracy and control possible.

Can MXM change gas mixtures "on the fly"?

Yes - not only can unlimited gas recipe presets be created and selected at will (while flowing), but the automation functionality also allows linear interpolation between presets at the user’s chosen time interval. For example, an interpolation event between a 10% O2 preset and a 21% O2 preset could automatically evolve over 20 minutes, 20 hours, or 20 days!

Is there an ATEX, Class I, Div II or Class I, Div I version of MXM?

Not at this time. Because of the bespoke nature of the MXM platform, there are currently no options for classified/hazardous area usage with the MXM gas mixer.

However, please stay tuned to the upcoming release of Alicat’s intrinsically safe product line, which may allow Fusion Flow to offer a stand-alone MXM classified gas mixing system in the future.

Are pure gases required for proper operation, or can pre-mixed, multi-component gases also be used with MXM?

The MXM is designed to mix pure gases (elemental gases like Hydrogen, and compound gases like Air), as well as bulk supplied custom pre-blended gases (such as 5% Helium in balance Nitrogen).

Essentially, MXM can track up to ten elemental gases, whether they’re coming into the instrument on ten individual pure feed sources, or by only two pre-blended, five-component sources.

Can MXM create more than one mixture at a time?

While a single gas mixer can create unlimited mixture combinations from its input feed sources, it can only deliver one mixture at a time via its output port.

Can MXM handle corrosive/refrigerant gases?

Yes, MXM gas mixers can be configured with anti-corrosive MFCs and 316L stainless valves to support these corrosive gases and refrigerant gases. Additional gases not shown on these lists may be possible; please contact us for more info.

What are the wetted materials inside MXM?

MXM gas mixers are primarily built with stainless steel. This includes the mass flow controller bodies, internal flow elements, fittings, tubing and manifold. There are additional wetted materials lists here, for various MFC types:

Standard MC Series (Low Flow)
Standard MC Series (Mid Flow)
Standard MC Series (High Flow)
Corrosive/Refrigerant MCS Series


Turn-keyRemote (Benchtop)Remote (Rackmount)
Height233.68 mm / 9.2"233.68 mm / 9.2"177.90 mm / 7.0"
Width355.60 mm / 14.0"297.18 mm / 11.7"482.60 mm / 19.0"
Depth360.68 mm / 14.2"185.42 mm / 7.3"180.98 mm / 7.1"
Max Inlet Pressure
*High-pressure systems only, requires approval
145 PSIG / 305 PSIG*
145 PSIG / 305 PSIG*
Min Operating Temperature
-10° C / 14° F
-10° C / 14° F
Max Operating Temperature
60° C / 140° F
60° C / 140° F
20.9 kg / 46.0 lb
4.5 kg / 10.0 lb
Gas Ports
Connector Type
*¼" tube used on channels with low flow
⅜" Compression tube
¼" Compression tube*
NPT, SAE, VCR, VCO, BSPP, Compression tube
Min Channels
Max Channels
Max Power Consumption
*Assuming largest MFCs at maximum flow
1.56A @ 24VDC20A @ 24VDC
Power Supply Input
110-230 VAC 50-60 Hz110-230 VAC 50-60 Hz
Power Supply Output
3.75A @ 24 VDC6.67A @ 24 VDC
Sensor and Control Performance
Mix Accuracy
*In optimal conditions
±0.6% of target mix percentage*
±0.6% of target mix percentage*
Repeatability 2σ (<= 20 SLPM Channels)
±0.1% of reading + ±0.02% of full scale
±0.1% of reading + ±0.02% of full scale
Repeatability 2σ (50-1500 SLPM Channels)
±0.2% of reading + ±0.02% of full scale
±0.2% of reading + ±0.02% of full scale
Min Full Scale Range (per channel)
100 SCCM
100 SCCM
Max Full Scale Range (per channel)
100 SLPM
5000 SLPM
Control Response Time
*Dependent on flow rate, gas species, and back-pressure
25 ms*
25 ms*
Diagonal Size
127 mm / 5"127 mm / 5"
225 mm / 8.9"225 mm / 8.9"
1280 x 7201280 x 720
Viewing Angle
Max Brightness
500 cd/m²500 cd/m²
Capacitive Multi-touchCapacitive Multi-touch
I/O Ports
USB 2.0
USB 3.0
Gigabit Ethernet

Pre-Installed Gases

NameFormulaCAS Number
Carbon MonoxideCO630-08-0
Carbon DioxideCO2124-38-9
Nitrous OxideN2O10024-97-2
Ethylene (Ethene)C2H474-85-1
Sulfur HexafluorideSF62551-62-4
Nitric OxideNO10102-43-9
Nitrogen TrifluorideNF37783-54-2

Corrosive Gases

Systems can be configured to support corrosive gases

NameFormulaCAS Number
Hydrogen SulfideH2S7783-06-4
Sulfur DioxideSO27446-09-5
1-Butene (Butylene)1Buten106-98-9
Carbonyl SulfideCOS463-58-1

Refrigerant Gases

Systems can be configured to support refrigerant gases

NameFormulaCAS Number
R-11 (Tricholorofluoromethane)CCl3F75-69-4
R-115 (Chloropentafluoroethane)C2ClF576-15-3
R-116 (Hexafluoroethane)C2F676-16-4
R-124 (Chlorotetrafluoroethane)C2HClF42837-89-0
R-125 (Pentafluoroethane)CF3CHF2354-33-6
R-134A (Tetrafluoroethane)CH2FCF3359-35-3
R-14 (Tetrafluoromethane)CF475-73-0
R-142b (Chlorodifluoroethane)CH3CClF275-68-3
R-143a (Trifluoroethane)C2H3F3420-46-2
R-152a (Difluoroethane)C2H4F275-37-6
R-22 (Difluoromonochloromethane)CHClF275-45-6
R-23 (Trifluoromethane)CHF375-46-7
R-32 (Difluoromethane)CH2F275-10-5
RC-318 (Octafluorocyclobutane)C4F8115-25-3

Add-ons + Accessories

Digital I/O Module
Digital I/O Module

USB-powered digital I/O module with 4 inputs / 4 outputs

Analog I/O Module
Analog I/O Module

USB-powered analog I/O module with 4 inputs / 2 outputs

Ballast Cylinders
Ballast Cylinders

Stainless steel ballast cylinders in 6 different sizes

Static Mixing Tubes
Static Mixing Tubes

Stainless steel static mixing tubes in various lengths and diameters

Binary Gas Analyzer
Binary Gas Analyzer

High-accuracy binary gas analyzer for 2-gas blends

Pelican Transit Case
Pelican Transit Case

Rugged and high-quality Pelican cases custom-fitted for MXM systems

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