Gas Mixing Applications

Gas Sensor Calibration & Development

A close-up image of an oxygen sensor on a chip

Most gas sensors are calibrated using a 2 to 4 point calibration ‘curve’. Many manufacturers are required to use expensive sensors to meet the growing accuracy demands within their industries.

With Fusion Flow Technologies’ MXM gas blending solutions, gas sensors can be characterized using a customized, multi-point calibration test regime. The MXM’s ability to sweep or stair-step through gas blends automatically, allows for rapid sensor development, traceability, and extensive data collection.

Fusion Flow Technologies’ Gas Mixers can be used to develop calibration techniques for multi-gas sensors.

Case Study: How we helped Osmo systems with their aquaculture Oxygen sensor calibration

Specialized Solutions

Products designed to meet the challenges of Gas Sensor Calibration & Development

MXM Gas Mixer

MXM Gas Mixers

Industry-Leading Accuracy

±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of FS up to 20 SLPM

Up to 10 Gas Channels

With support for corrosive and refrigerant gases*

High Dynamic Range

Flow rates from 200 SCCM to 50,000 SLPM

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