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Precision, dynamic, custom engineered gas mixing solutions

Fusion Flow Technologies’ MXM family of dynamic gas blenders are custom designed to solve today’s gas mixing challenges in a cost effective, space conscious, and technologically advanced manner.

Gas Mixing pipes

Cutting edge technology

Blend Gases with Pressure or Flow Control Priority

Fusion Flow Technologies’ MXM is the only customizable turnkey gas mixing platform in the world able to control and track up to 10 different gases, while the user chooses to throttle either the total outlet flow rate or actively control the outlet pressure of the blended gas – without the need for additional flow or pressure hardware. The constant flow and active pressure control modes each have their own user configurable min/max pressures, total volume limits, and stoppage behaviors, allowing the MXM system to be deployed in almost any scientific, industrial, or R&D process.

Turnkey Gas Mixing Systems

Fusion Flow Technologies’ MXM turnkey gas mixing systems are designed to simplify process automation in all types of applications from R&D, critical process control, and even light industry. Every unit is custom-built to accommodate the requirements of a specific application. The result is an extremely compact, table-top solution for next-generation gas mixing.

Modular Stand-alone Gas Mixing Systems

The Fusion Flow MXM-SA modular open form-factor integrates seamlessly into existing applications, or other instances where turnkey system aren’t feasible. For one-off research projects or highly-customized, space-restricted processes, the modular system allows for an extremely customized layout which is easily reconfigurable and upgradeable.

Fusion Flow MXM Software

The capabilities of any MXM system can be augmented by the optional Fusion Flow MXM command and control software. Designed to run in a Windows 10/11 environment, the software adds a host of shortcuts, presets, and automation options to an already capable hardware platform. Other functions include data logging and the option to use our USB driven analog and digital I/O boxes.

Fusion Flow Around the World

Gas Mixing Applications

Gas Sensor Development and Calibration

Gas Sensors are generally calibrated using a 2-point or less than 5-point technique...

Gas Analyzer Development and Calibration

Development cycle for Gas Analyzers often require tremendous engineering effort to fine tune the Gas ratios going into the system...

Research and Development

Working in research, you often tend to find yourself with bespoke Gas Mixing needs...

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging for food items (aka MAP) encompasses a wide range of gas blends used in the food packaging industries...

Materials R&D

The MXM gas mixing platform from Fusion Flow Technologies is ideal for the development of new materials and advanced material manufacturing...

Fuel Cell Testing

Typically, fuel cell testing will require a very specific gas mixture to be delivered at a precise flow rate for some tests, and a precise pressure for other tests...

Industrial Process Control

The Fusion Flow Technologies MXM platform can be designed and configured for both continuous and intermittent gas mixing operations for larger scale processes...

Bio Process

As the chemistry changes in a living organism process, the MXM gas mixing solution can be deployed to generate any needed gaseous control changes to meet ideal growth conditions...

Modified Glove Box Atmosphere

Scientific glove boxes provide leak-tight 'playground' for a scientist to manipulate an experiment, without the concerns of contaminating the sample..

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