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Fusion Flow™ Technology

blend gases with pressure control
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Fusion flow MXM modular design

Modular Gas Mixing System

The Fusion Flow™ modular gas mixing system was developed to integrate seamlessly into existing applications, or where a turnkey system isn’t feasible. Whether you’re in research or highly-customized, space-restricted processes, our modular system allows you to define every facet of a highly focused, yet extensible system.

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Fusion Flow MXM gas mixer

Turnkey Gas Mixing System

The Fusion Flow™ turnkey gas mixing system simplifies process automation in industrial applications. Every system is custom-built to customer specifications based on the requirements of your application. The result is an extremely compact single device solution to gas mixing.

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Fusion Flow™ Software

Fusion Flow™ Gas Mixing Software

Precision counts when it comes to mixed gas. The Fusion Flow™ gas mixing software package has been designed to allow precision mixing, rapid changes to mixes, and traceability measures for when conditions change. Our software allows you to control almost every parameter of the blending process.

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Cost effective and flexible

Pre-mixed gasses can be expensive, have long delivery times, and lack the flexibility of custom in-house mixed gases. Fusion Flow gas mixers are custom built and designed around your application making them more affordable and reliable than alternative solutions.

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Automate your gas mixing

Fusion Flow Technologies’ gas mixing systems are highly flexible, traceable and allow easy automation of the gas mixing process. Our systems allow you to mix up to 10 gases with easy to use software.

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About Us

Fusion Flow Technologies was borne out of a customer need for industrial gas mixing applications.

With a focus on novel applications and an understanding of our customer’s requirements, our skilled engineers have created a series of turnkey solutions to meet the varying needs of both research and industry. Backed by a team that believes taking control of every aspect of your process is the best way to ensure success, we’re your partner in custom gas mixing.

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