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A MXM gas mixer in the stand-alone chassis

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Oxygen Sensor Calibration Best Practices

Oxygen Sensor Calibration Best Practices

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MXM a software-based gas mixer?

MXM is a hardware-based gas mixing system at its core, but is controlled by a touchscreen software interface. Its quad-core processor manages all of the advanced software features and user interface, but is technically separated from the dedicated, high-speed MixModule control unit which manages all of the instrumentation/flow-control hardware. This two-pronged design allows for real-time capabilities that would not otherwise be possible with a software-only solution.

Can MXM be upgraded or reconfigured after purchasing?

Yes - The MXM standard chassis can handle up to 6 independent gas channels, so if the system is originally ordered with only two channels, up to four more can be added at a later date by returning the system to the Fusion Flow factory for retrofitting. Standalone models support up to 10 gas channels that can be added or removed by the user without returning the system.

Can MXM also add humidity to the mixed gas stream?

Not at this time. However, our sister company Perma Pure may be able to assist in providing a solution to humidify the dry blended gas stream created by the Fusion Flow MXM instrument.

Does MXM allow for mixing fuel gases with oxidizing gases?

Technically, it is absolutely possible to make perfect, stoichiometric mixtures with the MXM. However, Fusion Flow Technologies does not condone the use of any of its product offerings for the purpose of creating explosive or flammable gas blends. Please contact us to discuss the details and available alternatives if these mixtures are required in your process.

Can the same gas type be connected to more than one MFC control channel?

Yes! If higher flow rates are required of the same gas within the mixture, the same gas source can be connected to as many available channels as needed to increase capacity of that gas. Further, these channels can be sized differently, allowing for a ‘high dynamic range’ of flow for that gas.

For example, Argon is assigned to a 5 SLPM unit as well as a 50 SLPM unit, allowing for a total possible Argon flow of 55 SLPM. Depending on the instantaneous requirement for Argon in the mixture, MXM will choose to utilize either (or both) controllers to meet the demand, with the best accuracy and control possible.

Can MXM change gas mixtures "on the fly"?

Yes - not only can unlimited gas recipe presets be created and selected at will (while flowing), but the automation functionality also allows linear interpolation between presets at the user’s chosen time interval. For example, an interpolation event between a 10% O2 preset and a 21% O2 preset could automatically evolve over 20 minutes, 20 hours, or 20 days!

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