Gas Mixing Applications

Gas Sensor Development and Calibration

Gas Sensors are generally calibrated using a 2-point or less than 5-point technique. Manufacturers are required to use expensive sensors to meet the growing accuracy demands of the industry. 

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Gas Analyzer Development and Calibration

Gas Analyzers are highly sophisticated and senstitive scientific units. Development cycle for Gas Analyzers often require tremendous engineering effort to fine tune the Gas ratios going into the system. 

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Research and Development

Working in research, you often tend to find yourself with bespoke Gas Mixing needs. We provide you with the ability to control every aspect of gas mixing since we understand the challenges you face. 

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Food Packaging

Food Packing

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is critical to food storage. You can take advantage of MAP gas mixer designs we have developed to consistently preserve food quality and appearance.

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Gas lasers are widely used from manufacturing to being the base for photo-lithography laser development. The combination of mixed gases needed for lasers is critical for its performance. 

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