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 Gas Sensor Development and Calibration

Gas Sensors are generally calibrated using a 2-point or less than 5-point technique. Manufacturers are required to use expensive sensors to meet the growing accuracy demands of the industry. With Fusion Flow Technology's solution, Gas Sensors can now be developed using a multi-point (even 10,000 if needed) calibration method. The ability to use a large amount of data minimizes costs and increases accuracy. Read this blog post to see how Fusion Flow Technology helped in Oxygen sensor development.

Fusion Flow Technology's Gas Mixers can be used to develop calibration techniques for multi-gas sensors.

 Gas Analyzer Development and Calibration

Gas Analyzers are highly sophisticated and senstitive scientific units. Development cycle for Gas Analyzers often require tremendous engineering effort to fine tune the Gas 
ratios going into the system. Scientists and Engineers need to spend considerable amount of time designing mixed gas delivery system for Gas Analyzer development. 
Fusion Flow Technology has the ability to help Engineers and Scientists design a custom system with software, data-logging and advanced features they need to develop and manufacture Gas Analyzers quickly. We have worked with companies in Oil and Gas industry and Environmental industry alike and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering resources. Reach out to us with your needs and we will quickly develop the right Gas Mixing system for you.


​Working in research, you often tend to find yourself with bespoke Gas Mixing needs. We provide you with the ability to control every aspect of gas mixing since we understand the challenges you face. You will find the software provided with the gas mixer to ease the learning curve. We have carefully designed the software to allow both students and professionals alike to quickly become comfortable using the system. You have the comfort of Traceability to save research data and refer back to it at any time in the future.


Food Packing

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is critical to food storage. You can take advantage of MAP gas mixer designs we have developed to consistently maintain Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide mix to preserve food quality and appearance. Fusion Flow Technology's Gas Mixers you will minimize costs and increase productivity by streamlining your operations by supplying to multiple stations at the same time. You can customize to add extra channels and specific features to ensure no unintended mix is delivered. Traceability of gas mixture composition allows you to log data, easing certificate maintenance  for FDA and auditing processes. 



Gas lasers are widely used for a variety of applications from manufacturing to being the base for photo-lithography laser development. The combination of mixed gases needed for lasers is critical for its performance. We have a breadth of experience in designing gas mixers for CO2 lasers handling Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Helium, Xenon, Hydrogen and Carbon monoxide in certain cases, to designing systems which need halogen gases and rare gases. 

Our advanced software allows high level of control and seamless integration with other systems. Reach out to us and tell us about your requirements and we will get the right gas mixing system designed for you.