Fusion flow MXM modular design

Modular Gas Mixing System

The Fusion Flow™ modular gas mixing system was developed to integrate seamlessly into existing applications, or where a turnkey system isn’t feasible. Whether you’re in research or highly-customized, space-restricted processes, our modular system allows you to define every facet of a highly focused, yet extensible system.

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Fusion Flow MXM gas mixer

Turnkey Gas Mixing System

The Fusion Flow™ turnkey gas mixing system simplifies process automation in industrial applications. Every system is custom-built to customer specifications based on the requirements of your application. The result is an extremely compact single device solution to gas mixing.

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Fusion Flow™ Software

Fusion Gas Mixing Software

Precision counts when it comes to mixed gas. The Fusion Flow™ gas mixing software package has been designed to allow precision mixing, rapid changes to mixes, and traceability measures for when conditions change. Our software allows you to control almost every parameter of the blending process.

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Fusion Flow Technologies’ vision is to create the most effective tools for the on-demand delivery of precision mixed gasses into any process. Our line of custom gas mixing systems has been designed to be a versatile alternative to pre-mixed bottle gas, offering greater reliability and control. With innovative features like the ability to changes gasses on the fly and no warm up times, complete and instantaneous control of your process has become a reality.

Our gas mixing systems have been used in diverse applications including welding furnace systems, food packaging, sensor calibration, and university research projects. The customization options offered by our gas blending system makes Fusion Flow gas mixers the ideal solution for applications ranging from ever-changing R&D programs to large scale industrial processes.

And because we know that every situation is different, we offer multiple ways to integrate our gas mixing system into your process. We have a modular system designed to benefit applications with non-centralized gas sources or where space might be an issue. We also offer a turnkey gas mixing system where the user benefits from a table-top enclosed mixer with easy incorporation into industrial processes.

What goes into a bespoke Gas Mixing system?

To begin designing the optimal gas mixing system for your process, there are a few critical pieces of information needed:

The desired total flow-rate output (or flow-rate range) of the mixed gas, in a standardized unit of measure, e.g. S cc/min., S l/min., S ft³/min., N mL/Hr. etc.)

The available source pressure (or pressure range) of the feed gases in absolute or gauge unit of measure, e.g. psi(G), mbar(A), kPa(G), etc.

The required delivery pressure (or pressure range) of the mixed gas in absolute or gauge unit of measure, e.g. psi(G), mbar(A), kPa(G), etc.

The complete spectrum of individual gas types to be mixed using this system (including pre-mixed blends) e.g. Air, O2, Nitrous Oxide, 500 ppm CH4 in balance N2, etc.

The intended gas mix ratio (or ratios, or ratio ranges), in % or ppm units of measure, e.g. 25% Helium + 40% C2H6 + 35% Nitrogen, 4000 ppm CO + 99.6% Carbon Dioxide, 0-50% H2 + 20-25% Xe + balance Air, etc.

Contact Us

If you need help in determining the gas mixing parameters, simply reach out to us and one of our world-class engineers will work together with you to design the right system for you.

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