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Fusion Flow Technologies’ solution offers premium gas mixing performance at an affordable price. Each system is given dedicated focus and custom built. We co-create the gas mixing system with you to ensure you every need, be it common or bespoke, is met. As a customer, you will get to pick and choose the features and parameters of the gas mixing system that go into the custom designed solution. Fusion Flow Technologies Gas Mixer can handle up to 10 channels, you can pick from up to 128 different gases for each channel with a wide variety of flow rates and pressures.

We exclusively use pressure based mass flow instruments

developed by our parent company, Alicat, for gas mixing. The

proprietary algorithms we developed have enabled customers

to take advantage of no warm up times and deliver precise

gas mixes with hyper fast control. On the hand, Gas Mixers that

use thermal mass flow controllers have long warm up times and

poor response times in comparison.

Pressure based mass flow control technology is superior to its

thermal counterpart. Alicat manufactures the fastest mass flow

controllers in the world, the technology behind

this forms the base for high-precision gas mixing as well.

Fusion Flow Technologies has developed specialized firmware that we call ‘Mix-Module’ that is critical to manufacture high precision gas mixer. The mix module communicates with individual mass flow controllers and constantly monitors every gas mixing parameter at high frequency. One can think of it as the brain of the gas mixing system, where the mass flow control technology is the heart of the system. You as a user, will only have to communicate with the 'Mix-Module' making it straight-forward and easy to set up and operate the gas mixer. Our special firmware will allow you to automate your entire process and control it from a central location through our software.

One critical piece of technology that you can take advantage of is our parent company’s gas composer software. This software allows you to use pre-blended gases as one of the input channels, furthering the technological capabilities. This feature can be used to get gas ratios in the ppm range accurately, all while keeping costs down. Reach out to us to find out how you can push boundaries of gas mixing technology.

What Goes into designing a Gas Mixing system?

To design the optimal gas mixing system, you simply need the three pieces of information:

  • Range of overall flow rates

  • Range of Inlet pressures and Outlet pressure

  • Range of Gas Mix ratios​​

If you need help in determining the gas mixing parameters, simply reach out to us and one of our world-class engineers will work together with you to design the right system for you.

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