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Research and Development

Research and Development

Often, a college or research laboratory manager will spend large amounts of money and time to procure various gas blends to accommodate an undefined, ever-growing scope of experiments. Fusion Flow Technologies can build a pseudo-generic MXM gas blender so that low cost gas blends can always ‘be on tap’, available for whatever experiments are needed. Properly sized, the MXM’s various modes of gas delivery, combined with excellent turn-down of the Alicat mass flow controllers can support an entire laboratory’s annual needs for blended gases, without ever having to order a single custom cylinder. The optional software allows for extensive data logging of the created blends, unlimited gas presets, I/O accessory boxes, automation, and much more. The MXM platform is a perfect companion to any active laboratory.


Turn-key tabletop dynamic gas mixer with integrated 6 button TFT color interface. 

Configurable chassis allows for 2 to 6 gas inputs with any combination of flow rates ranging from 100 SCCM to 100 SLPM full-scale, per channel. 

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