Stand-alone/modular dynamic gas mixing platform with integrated 6 button TFT color interface, removable Bluetooth tablet, powered docking station, and pre-loaded Fusion Flow MXM software.

Highly flexible and expandable system with up to 10 gas inputs using any combination of mass flow controllers ranging from 100 SCCM to 5000 SLPM full-scale, per channel.

This stand-alone variant of the MXM-TAB turn-key model includes the essential hardware for gas mixing, but must be plumbed by the end user to suit their particular installation.

MXM-SA-TAB at a Glance

Custom engineered for every application, the MXM family of gas mixers are the only hardware-based blenders of their kind to offer both flow and pressure delivery modes. Accurate and dynamic gas mixing is accomplished via specially tuned Alicat Scientific mass flow controllers commanded by our proprietary MixModule device. The included Microsoft Windows Surface Pro tablet with pre-loaded Fusion Flow MXM software gives the user full control over the gas mixing process, including preset recipes, automation steps, and robust data logging. Wireless connectivity allows remote access to the MXM-SA-TAB MixModule brain unit, making it ideal for active research laboratories or installations requiring physical separation from the gas mixing hardware.

All Fusion Flow MXM systems are custom engineered to achieve the best possible gas blending result.

Included Microsoft Windows Surface Pro tablet with pre-loaded Fusion Flow MXM software.

Wireless connectivity allows remote access to the gas mixing hardware.

Form Factor

Because the MXM-SA-TAB is intended to be plumbed by the end-user, the form factor of the system is dictated by the chosen MFCs as they are laid out/mounted by the customer. This allows for highly custom integration, where a turn-key package may not be suitable. Although the physical plumbing connections are not included with the system, all electrical, power supply, and communication cables are provided with each MXM-SA-TAB gas mixer.



Fusion Flow’s stand-alone solutions employ a 10 port gas mixing multiplexer board called the GMB. Every MXM-SA-TAB system comes with this interface board fully populated with all 10 MFC ports, to allow for future expansion. The GMB board also provides connection to the MixModule, a fused power supply accessory terminal,  various automation connections, and the RS232 COM port connection for computer/software use. The MXM-SA-TAB’s included articulating tablet docking station adds secondary monitor outputs, USB ports, gigabit Ethernet, and tablet power.

Human Interface

The MXM-SA-TAB is a semi-DIY dynamic gas mixing system with a high performance Windows based tablet, and backup 6 button TFT color interface (located on the MixModule device). The entire gas mixing process can be configured, started, and stopped using either the pre-installed MXM software or the backup TFT keypad. The MXM-SA-TAB is an ideal choice for complex applications that require frequent changing of the gas mix ratios, wireless connectivity, more than 6 gas constituents, or processes that require very high flow rates.


Device specs and customization options

  • Open form factor with loose MFCs plumbed by the end-user
  • Up to 10 separate gas control channels
  • Exclusive use of specially tuned and configured Alicat Scientific, Inc. mass flow controllers and pressure devices
  • Fusion Flow’s proprietary MixModule brain unit/pressure sensing device
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with 12.3″ capacitive touch-screen, Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB memory, 128GB SSD, Bluetooth, Wifi 6 (802.11ax), and fully featured articulating docking station
  • Integrated 6 button, backlit, color TFT screen
  • GMB connection board, power supply and all electrical wiring supplied with the system
  • Easily field-upgradeable/reconfigurable as needs change and plans grow

Available base flow range scales for individual gas control channels (any combination of 2 to 10 channels)*:

  • 50 SCCM—100 SCCM
  • 50 SCCM—200 SCCM
  • 50 SCCM—500 SCCM
  • 50 SCCM—1 SLPM
  • 50 SCCM—2 SLPM
  • 50 SCCM—5 SLPM
  • 100 SCCM—10 SLPM
  • 200 SCCM—20 SLPM
  • 500 SCCM—50 SLPM
  • 1 SLPM—100 SLPM
  • 2.5 SLPM—250 SLPM
  • 10 SLPM—500 SLPM
  • 20 SLPM—1000 SLPM
  • 30 SLPM—1500 SLPM
  • 40 SLPM—2000 SLPM
  • 60 SLPM—3000 SLPM
  • 100 SLPM—5000 SLPM

Accuracy at calibration conditions for individual gas control channels:

  • Gas control channels with full scale ranges from 100 SCCM to 20 SLPM: ±0.6% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Gas control channels with full scale ranges from 50 SLPM to 5000 SLPM: ±0.8% of reading and ±0.2% of full scale

Repeatability (2σ) for individual gas control channels:

  • Gas control channels with full scale ranges from 100 SCCM to 20 SLPM: ±(0.1% of reading + 0.02% of full scale)
  • Gas control channels with full scale ranges from 50 SLPM to 5000 SLPM: ±(0.2% of reading + 0.02% of full scale)

Typical control response time for individual gas control channels:

  • As fast as 25-125 ms depending on MFC model; flow rate, gas species, and back-pressure dependent
  • Proprietary, matched-tuning procedure performed on each MFC according to the application parameters


*Custom ranges and alternate units of measure are available at no extra charge, however density based, true-mass units of measure are not possible at this time (e.g. lbs/hr, kg/min, g/sec, etc.)

  • Each MXM-SA-TAB system is custom engineered to best serve a specific application, even if the application is somewhat generic in nature (general, unspecific laboratory use). Up to 10 MFCs can be specified, but they don’t all have to be connected to unique gases. Any channels set to the same gas will be treated as a unified operational group. This allows for doubling or tripling of flows of one gas within the system, but also allows for high dynamic range capabilities if both high and low flow devices are used for the same gas. The MXM-SA-TAB will chose which MFC or MFCs to use based on the immediate need, for best accuracy and control. In most cases, the installed gas channels can be configured to measure and control any one of the 98 built-in gas models, making the MXM-SA-TAB an extremely flexible and easily upgradeable gas blending platform.
  •  The MXM-SA-TAB has many user configurable mixed gas delivery modes to accommodate almost any process:
    • Mass flow with no start/stop pressure limits
    • Mass flow with lower start pressure limit and/or upper stop pressure limit
    • Mass flow with total volume limit (with or without pressure limits) 
    • Active pressure control with no start/stop pressure limits
    • Active pressure control with lower start pressure limit and/or upper stop pressure limit
    • Active pressure control with total volume limit (with or without pressure limits)
    • Option to cease all automated mixing operations if any limits are reached (single-shot mode)
    • Option to reset the volume totalizer upon any stoppage event
  • The screw terminal mounted on the GMB board allows for remote EMO triggers, remote 24V alarm output, and 3rd party analog analyzer input for monitoring and alarming on the gas mixture concentration (user configurable)
  • The ten 6-pin locking industrial connectors can optionally provide power to other Alicat devices that are not necessarily a part of the gas mixing process
  • 4 in/4 out digital I/O USB module (for exclusive use with the MXM software)
  • 4 in/2 out analog I/O USB module (for exclusive use with the MXM software)
  • Stainless steel ballast cylinders (150cc, 300cc, 500cc, 1L, 2L, 5L)
  • Stainless steel static mixing tubes (¼”, ⅜”)
  • High accuracy speed of sound binary gas analyzer for 2 component gas mixtures

Some of the process attributes which are taken into account during the application engineering phase are:

  • Identifying all of the source gas species to be blended (whether pure, pre-mixed, corrosive or non-corrosive)
  • Feed pressures available for each gas
  • Gas mix ratio(s), recipes or dilution levels desired
  • Expected volume, plumbing, and restrictions downstream of the gas mixer
  • Total mass flow rate(s) required
  • Outlet pressure(s) required
  • Required delivery mode feeding the process
  • Any environmental/automation/industrial integration considerations

Advanced Gas Mixing Made Easy

Included Fusion Flow MXM Command and Control Software

All MXM variants can mix gas autonomously. At the core, this platform is a hardware based gas blender, requiring neither computer nor software to operate. However, the functionality of the MXM can be greatly enhanced by the use of Fusion Flow’s command and control software, included with the MXM-SA-TAB system.
Users choosing to create mixed gas via MXM software gain the ability to save unlimited gas mix recipes, log all gas mixing data, run automation scripts, program conditional based events, and utilize the optional analog and digital I/O boxes.
Coded for use with any MXM system, this Windows 10/11 based software package communicates directly (and solely) with the Fusion Flow MixModule device. Please note that the MXM software only works with the Fusion Flow family of gas mixers utilizing the MixModule brain; it cannot be used with individual MFCs in a direct control capacity.

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