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Modified Glove Box Atmosphere

Modified Glove Box Atmosphere

Scientific glove boxes provide leak-tight ‘playground’ for a scientist to manipulate an experiment, without the concerns of contaminating the sample, and/or releasing toxic compounds into the environment. Alternatively, glove boxes can be filled with a specialized gas mixture to shield a reaction, create a reaction, or even to replicate a specific atmosphere (the surface of Mars for example). The Fusion Flow MXM can be configured to fill a glove box with a certain volume of mixed gas, or a certain pressure, and then stop. If a bleed vent is installed on the glove box, using the MXM’s active pressure control function, the box can be continually purged with a specific gas mixture, or even a live, changing blend.


Stand-alone/modular dynamic gas mixing platform with integrated 6 button TFT color interface, removable Bluetooth® tablet, powered docking station, and pre-loaded Fusion Flow MXM software.

Highly flexible and expandable system with up to 10 gas inputs using any combination of mass flow controllers ranging from 100 SCCM to 5000 SLPM full-scale, per channel.

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