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Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging for food items (aka MAP) encompasses a wide range of gas blends used in the food packaging industries. Typically, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Oxygen are use in varying proportions dependent on the food category, container type, and whether it is individual or bulk packaging. A Fusion Flow MXM gas mixing system designed for MAP can be sized to support multiple production lines, supplying a traceable mixture at whatever flow rates are needed throughout the work day. Data logging on the RS232 output can be used to support any USDA/FDA record keeping requirements.


Turn-key tabletop dynamic gas mixer with integrated 6 button TFT color interface. 

Configurable chassis allows for 2 to 6 gas inputs with any combination of flow rates ranging from 100 SCCM to 100 SLPM full-scale, per channel. 

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