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Laser Gas Blending

Laser Gas Blending

In the field of CO2 laser welding and cutting, research continues on the optimization of the Nitrogen and Helium resonator gases for maximizing laser power. Additionally, investigation continues on the so-called ‘assist’ gases which augment the exothermic cutting process, traditionally a simple 50/50 Argon/Helium mixture. Today, three gas mixtures are employed to lower the overall cost of the post-laser assist gas, typically blends using Argon, Helium, CO2, and Hydrogen. Because these assist gases must run at fairly high flow rates, it is often beneficial to mix the gas at the point of use, using cheaper pure gas cylinders. An appropriately sized Fusion Flow MXM-SA gas mixer can be installed near the laser cutting system to offer the operator full control over what gases are used to aid the laser torch’s effectiveness based on the material being cut. Whether mixed gas is being used for laser generation, cutting enhancement, or optics protection, Fusion Flow gas mixing systems can become a key tool for determining the optimum gas blends as well as the actual laser operations themselves.


Stand-alone/modular dynamic gas mixing platform with integrated 6 button TFT color interface.

Highly flexible and expandable system with up to 10 gas inputs using any combination of mass flow controllers ranging from 100 SCCM to 5000 SLPM full-scale, per channel.

This stand-alone variant of the MXM turn-key model includes the essential hardware for gas mixing, but must be plumbed by the end user to suit their particular installation.

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