Fusion Flow Gas Mixing Software

Fusion Flow Technologies has developed a rugged, advanced and intuitive software to easily manipulate every aspect of your gas mixing application. Current gas mixing software offerings in the market have limited capacity and do not have critical abilities required for a high performing gas mixing system.

Fusion Flow™ Gas Mixing software displays individual channel data and overall gas mixture data live at all times for the user to monitor. You have several modes of operation, listed below, to choose from. In all the operational modes, you decide the individual gas composition for each channel. This can be changed during the process, and the response times for a change is generally below 50ms. 

Operational Modes

Tank fill mode: This mode is used for applications where a mixed gas fills a ballast tank. You choose the maximum and minimum tank pressure, and the gas mixer will fill the ballast tank and maintain the pressure between the limits all while consistently maintaining the mix ratios in the ballast tank. This is particularly useful in cases where usage of mixed gas varies over a time period. For instant in MAP food packaging, welding, gas sensor, etc. assembly lines, a constant supply of gas is required at multiple locations. When the usage amount decreases and becomes nil when staff leave for lunch break or at the end of the day, the gas mixer will continue to fill the tank till the upper limit and shut off automatically. This feature increase the efficiency of gas usage and ensure there is no wastage.

Constant flow mode: This mode is straight forward and most used in gas mixing applications. You will just have to set the gas mix ratios and the desired flow rate of the final mixture which the gas mixer will maintain at all times.

Pressure match: Fusion Flow Technologies is the only company that offers this operational mode. The gas mixing system allows the user to control the pressure of the gas mixture and therefore control the process pressure. Several application in R&D, vacuum industry, laser industry, etc. need this feature and currently employ exorbitant costs to obtain this capability.

You can switch from one operational mode to another with ease based on your requirements.

Maximize Your Efficiency

Apart from the ability to change the basic parameters, Fusion Flow™ Gas Mixing software provides several critical features that allow users to maximize their efficiency. Some of the advanced features are listed below. One or a combination of the following features can be used to implement full-fledged automation of the gas mixing process:

Gas Mix presets: You can save the parameters like gas mix ratios and flow rates/pressures you typically use and call upon them at any time. This minimizes occurrences of human-error by more than 15%.

Automation using presets: You can choose a gas mix preset to run for a specific period of time and change the preset and time period on-the-fly, infinite times. For use cases where a constant change is required, you can interpolate between several gas mix presets by choosing time and ramp rates.

Integrating with downstream/upstream process control instruments: Components like mass flow controller, mass flow meters, pressure gauges and pressure controllers external to the gas mixing system can be controlled with Fusion Flow™ Gas Mixing software.

Integration with third party equipment: Fusion Flow™ Gas Technologies allow users to integrate third part components. Based on your requirement, you can use the software from a desktop remotely or use an industrial PC panel that we offer.

Data is the most valuable asset in present day, with the Fusion Flow™ Gas Mixer, you will be able to save all the gas mixing data that you need for post processing. Several customers of our have been using the gas mix data from our gas mixer for FDA and quality audits. Since all our instruments are NIST traceable, you can be assured that you will maintain highest standards in the industry.

We understand that some applications may not need a complete software package to perform gas mixing and we have options for those scenarios as well. In cases where this software is not required, you can choose to have a simple TFT display to control the gas mixer by setting simple set points like gas mix ratios and flow rates and keep your costs down.

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