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Choosing The Right Process Equipment For Gas Mixing

Common needs uniting the underlying process equipment for this massive variety of distinct gas mixing systems include low cost of ownership and operation, high precision, and multi-stream capabilities

Gas mixing, or blending, is integral to a wide range of application areas from sensor development and calibration to laser systems. Common needs uniting the underlying process equipment for this massive variety of distinct gas mixing systems include low cost of ownership and operation, high precision (% range), and multi-stream capabilities – or at least the ability to easily upgrade the number of system channels as required.

These shared requirements should not suggest that process equipment for gas mixing applications is available on a general-use basis. There are many considerations that must be made when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your gas mixing process, even if the necessary features and parameters are fairly standardized.

There are three primary pieces of information that underlie the design and optimization of gas mixing process equipment. Each of these can vary within specific application areas and may even change over time. These fundamental metrics are:

  • Flow rate range in standard liters per minute (slpm);
  • Gas mix ratios range in relative percentages;
  • Inlet/outlet pressure ranges in pounds per square inch gauge (psig).

A thorough understanding of these three key parameters will set you in good stead when it comes to choosing your process equipment.

Process Equipment from Fusion Flow Technologies

Fusion Flow Technologies was predicated by Alicat Scientific, an industry leader in scientific measurement solutions from mass flow controllers to analytical software. With the backing of Halma plc, an FTSA 100 group, we combine unrivaled knowledge of gas mixing challenges with the financial means to deliver truly bespoke solutions. Our premium process equipment is custom-built and co-created with end users to ease the burden of choice and help clients find a flawless solution.

Once you have provided the necessary metrics, the next decision is which overarching system suits your needs best. We offer two gas mixing systems that are founded on the same levels of precision and expertise in processing gas mixtures: a modular gas mixing system and a turnkey solution.

Modular Gas Mixing Systems

Our modular gas mixing system was designed to give end-users the freedom to determine where components should be placed, empowering researchers to make their own orientation decisions in putting together completely unique process equipment. The system is delivered as a series of individual components and accessories, leaving the plumbing up to you. This can enable the construction of fully functional gas blending systems with components that are not placed in proximity to one another.

Read the full breakdown of our Modular Gas Mixing System if you would like to learn the full features and benefits of this flexible processing equipment solution.

Turnkey Process Equipment

Our turnkey gas mixing system was engineered to satisfy the demands of industrial process equipment, increasing usability to ensure that regular facility staff can operate the system as easily as experienced technicians. It is now the leading solution for gas mixing systems with plug and play functionality and seamless integration into existing systems. The turnkey gas mixer is both sophisticated and simple to use, meeting the requirements of factory settings with a robust enclosure that can provide exceptional measures of protection against dust, particulates, and adverse processing conditions.

If you would like to learn more about the features and applications of our Turnkey Gas Mixing System, simply read the full breakdown of this market-leading solution.

Fusion Flow Technologies: Custom Gas Mixing Solutions

Choosing the right process equipment is a complex decision that requires careful consideration of the end-use environment, budgetary constraints, and essential process parameters. Fortunately, Fusion Flow Technologies is prepared to deliver bespoke solutions that meet all your needs and requirements. To learn more about systems that we have delivered to clients in the past, browse our case studies. Otherwise, contact a member of the Fusion Flow Technologies team with any questions.

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