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Bio Processes

Bio Processes

As the chemistry changes in a living organism process, the MXM gas mixing solution can be deployed to generate any needed gaseous control changes to meet ideal growth conditions. Both macro and micro biological research can benefit from having a dynamic blending system as opposed to stocking dozens of pre-blended static mixtures. As an example, the optional Fusion Flow MXM gas mixing software could be used to create time-based increasing (or decreasing) Oxygen mixture via the linear interpolation function. This feature allows one gas mix preset to be smoothly changed to another, over seconds, minutes, hours or days, without any interruption of flow.


Turn-key tabletop dynamic gas mixer with integrated 6 button TFT color interface. 

Configurable chassis allows for 2 to 6 gas inputs with any combination of flow rates ranging from 100 SCCM to 100 SLPM full-scale, per channel. 

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