Integrated Binary Gas Analyzer Option Now Available

Stemming from repeated customer requests, we have now released the long awaited binary gas analyzer option for the MXM platform. For applications using only two gas types, the analyzer can be added to any MXM system in order to provide ‘3rd party’ verification to the gas mix being created, in real-time.


Prototype MXM with integrated BGA
Prototype MXM with integrated BGA


Using a speed of sound measurement, the binary gas analyzer can provide the user with gas mix percentage, gas purity, or actual physical SoS data. Because this analyzer’s measurement technology employs a completely different physics principal than the gas mixer itself, it is an ideal companion to the MXM, from a scientific validation standpoint.

For most turn-key gas mixers, the binary analyzer can be integrated directly within the MXM housing. Otherwise, the analyzer box can be installed on the outlet of the gas mixer so that it can receive a flow-through sample of the mixed gas (100 SCCM – 5 SLPM, <150 PSIG).

A pressure feedback signal is sent from the MXM MixModule to the analyzer for best SoS measurement accuracy. Similarly, a return signal from the analyzer is sent to the MixModule, so that alarms can be configured and triggered based on the resultant gas mix analysis. In this manner, an MXM blender equipped with the optional gas analyzer represents a self-contained and self-verifying NIST traceable gas mixing system. The information is also passed along to the optional MXM software, providing an additional parameter for the events, trigger, alarms, and automation to work with.

With 500 different gases stored on-board, the binary gas analyzer can be used with almost any two-gas mixture created with the Fusion Flow MXM platform. The unit also includes two built-in, event driven, electro-mechanical relays which can be tied to 10 different analyzer parameters. This allows for simple safety and automation integration without the need for additional PLCs or electronic hardware.

Please use the contact form below to inquire more about this exciting new accessory from Fusion Flow Technologies.

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