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Modular Gas Mixing System


  • Custom-built

  • Freedom to determine placement of components 

  • Modular

  • Low-cost

  • Easy upgrades

  • High Precision

  • Fast - response times <50ms

  • NIST Traceable

The modular gas mixing system was developed to

empower users of gas mixers to embrace the researcher

in them. It gives you the ability to pick and choose each

parameter that goes into designing the gas mixing system.

You can pair high flow channels, medium flow channels

and low flow channels for any bespoke gas mixing

application. Our engineering team developed this

customer-led solution to give utmost control of the gas

mixer system in the hands of the customer. In case you

are not fully aware of what is needed to design a gas

mixing system, contact us at What goes into gas mixing

system design? and we will help you figure it out.


With the modular gas mixing system you will get the individual

components along with supporting accessories required for a

functional gas mixer setup. You get the freedom to choose the

orientation and setup of the gas mixing system. We give you the

choice to decide how the entire system needs to be plumbed. 

Gas Mixer users who need very small footprint can place individual

components right next to each other. If your cylinders and process

equipment are placed far away from each other, you can even

choose to place individual components in different rooms and have a fully functional gas mixing system.

Freedom is not the only benefit you get with a modular gas mixing system, the price become more attractive as a result of minimizing the number of external components required to make a gas mixing system. This option eliminates the need for metal components or cumbersome enclosure, if you are looking for an enclosure, please read turnkey gas mixing systems.

Since there is no enclosure, you can access individual mass flow controllers; minimizing effort that goes into servicing and replacements. Access to individual mass flow controllers can be used as an additional point of reference to increase confidence in readings. As a user of a gas mixing system, your needs might change over time. Cases where a 3-channel gas mixing system needs to be upgraded to a 4-channel or 5-channel system is common. As a customer of Fusion Flow Technologies, you will only have to pay for the extra component as opposed to upgrading to a whole new system. This options keeps costs down, and significantly increases the time it takes to upgrade.










Users who need the dynamic gas mixer to have automation capability, advanced data logging capability, integration with external systems and an easy way to manipulate the gas mixing system can use the Fusion Gas Mixing software. The software allows to control the system centrally. You can purchase a dedicated industrial PC panel to control the entire setup, the PC panel can be fixed to a cabinet or be placed in any customer-preferred location. Optionally you can also use the software through your desktop or laptop. If the gas mixing setup is going to simple with minimal changes to set points. You can also choose to simply control the system with the master component called the mix-module. Mix-module is a pressure gauge with specialized firmware that communicates with every individual component 1000 times a second to ensure the gas mixing set points are maintained.

Our participation in your gas mixing application does not end with design and delivery of the products. We support our customers by providing easy step-by-step assistance to setup the system until it is functional. After setup, our world class engineers will be available on demand to help in case any unforeseen problems arise.

Fill the form below with the information you may have to let us know about your requirements and we will get a quote sent to right away. Or reach out to us with any question or doubts you may have about gas mixers and our gas mixing experts will help you out.

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