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Fusion Flow Technologies, a Turn-key Solutions Division of Alicat Scientific, Inc.

The Fusion Flow Story

Created as an in-house subsidiary of Alicat Scientific, Inc., Fusion Flow Technologies was born in 2019 to provide turn-key products to both Alicat’s existing customer base, along with a new customer segment looking for all-in-one solutions. The Fusion Flow Technologies brand and MXM gas mixer were officially launched on March 1st, 2020, during the Pittcon Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL.

Exclusive use of Alicat’s high-speed mass flow and pressure instruments ensures the Fusion Flow brand will pass along the expected precision control and class leading accuracy that Alicat’s user base demands. Fusion Flow’s current offering is the MXM custom gas mixing platform, based upon Alicat’s proprietary ‘MixModule’ architecture, and is available in 6 generalized configurations.

Able to combine up to 10 gases at once with incredible accuracy, while delivering the mixture at either pressure or flow priorities, the MXM is the first percent-level dynamic gaseous blending system of its kind put to market. Similar to how Alicat Scientific’s flow and pressure instruments are sold, each Fusion Flow MXM system is custom engineered to specifically achieve the end-users’ goals; there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ or generic MXMs currently available.

Based at Alicat Scientific’s USA headquarters in Arizona, Fusion Flow Technologies is also responsible for the engineering and assembly of Alicat’s existing turnkey/integrated products (Alicat’s PCU portable calibration systems for example), as well as the design and development of many new OEM turn-key products which employ Alicat instrumentation.

Going forward, the Fusion Flow team will continue to advance the capabilities of the MXM percent-level gas mixing platform, while also developing completely new blending technologies suited for ppm and ppb-level gas mixtures.


To passionately fuse together the elements necessary to meet the needs of complex process control challenges.


Positively impact as many industries and scientific communities as possible, motivated by our desire to bring revolutionary technologies to market.


We work alongside our customers as trusted partners to help achieve their highly technical goals in a timely, quality focused manner, while yearning for the next scientific challenge.

Your Vision is our Mission.

At Fusion Flow Technologies, we are dedicated to building turnkey gas mixing systems, optimized for your process.  Understanding your process and what is important to you is key to building the ultimate gas mixer.

Intelligent, fast, and versatile gas mixing systems are our specialty. When you need more performance than a generic gas mixer can provide, or have an application that isn’t served by existing technologies, give us a call to discuss your gas blending needs.  

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